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This is where we will praise the Lord our God in written words. Anything that is not found edifying to God or His Son will be denied. When something good happens, we post it here. When we are thankful for our day. We post it here. Also the Weekly Learnings of the Shepherds will be transcribed here. This is an open forum for the praise and understanding of the Lord God almighty. To post a blog entry sign up in the members section on the home page then follow the instructions in the new member email.

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Posted by Haren Family Studios on May 5, 2014 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

I attended mass today at Stafford Crossing Community church. The pastor, Daryl Mosely, delivered a sermon on Relationships. He utilized verses from the books of James and 1 Peter in the New Testament. His point was supposed to be about how to develop lasting relationships. It is in my opinion that the Pastor failed in his delivery of this message. The message was vague, anecdotal, and often times very self serving to the Pastor's own life experience. It is the opinion of this Shepherd that th...

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